Tips on Using Cheesy Pickup Lines for Girls

Tips on Using Cheesy Pickup Lines for Girls

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Bars and other places frequented by girls can be a wonderland for guy like you who wants to pick up a girl; but, it can get awkward if you are new to the place or you are a newbie in asking girls out. When you are not experienced, you may have certain nights when you run out of openers to say to the girl that you like. As a result of this, you may have used cheesy picky lines for girls. Using cheesy pickup lines to get girls is not that terrible as there are cases when cheesy openers do work. But the sad thing is, if the lines don’t work, you will be left by yourself without any pretty girls by your side.

There are many cheesy pick up lines for girls that you may have used at one time or another. Probably, these pick up lines have also been used by other men before you. But the trick when using these lines is to be so cock-sure of yourself that the girl won’t sense uneasiness or a hint of uncertainty in you. This is very important if you want to get a girl’s attention and can transition to the next lines. One of the cheesiest lines on the planet has to be this, word for word from the book: “You look familiar, did we have sex?” The direct tackiness of the line will definitely give you the attention that you want.


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Cheesy Pickup Lines For Girls

Another cheesy pick up line you can use to get girls needs you to look for two attractive girls who are together in the club. Hence, you need to look for girls who interest you enough to engage them in conversation. When you spot the likely ladies, you can boldly approach them and ask them this: “Who between the two of you gets picked up more?” For obvious reasons, the two attractive chicks will try to outdo each other and can give you the benefit of picking up two pretty ladies for the night. Of course, you also have to come across as a confident guy who is on top of his game to pull this off.

Third on the list of cheesy pick up lines for girls is not as tacky or cheap as the first two. In fact, this line may be taken by some girls as a sweet pick up line. When you plan on using this line, you have to look for a girl who is all alone and who looks really bored. Walk up to her, smile, and tell her that her thoughtful eyes drew you to her. Proceed with the pick up line by informing her that you think she may also have too much going on inside her head; this line accompanied by a slight touch on her head. The little attention you manage to give her may just allow you to get a few words in response.

Fourth on the list of cheesy pick up line for girls differs a little from the third pick up line, but the general idea is the same. You also need to home in on the girl’s eyes for this line to work. You have to tell her that there is a belief that people can tell many things about a person just by looking in his or her eyes. When the small lines in the eyes stick close to each other, it means that a person is a leader; on the other hand, when the line are far from each other, it means the that the person gets sick every now and then. Then deliver the crunch line: “Let me take a look at your eyes.”

To cut a long story short, the openers given as examples above could or could not work for you. But, when you are secure in your own skin and are certain that you will succeed, the pick up lines will work in your favor. Just remember to say the lines fluidly and confidently so that the cheesy pick up lines for girls will really pick up girls.

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