Tips to Get Girls Attention

Tips to Get Girls’ Attention

get girlsGetting ladies to take notice of your presence is not as easy as it seems; thus, you have to know some great tips to get girls’ attention. In a room full of guys and gals, it is particularly tricky to command attention from a certain group of people, specifically the women. You either have to be a movie star or look like a movie star. This can get a bit complicated. If you are not a movie star and neither do you resemble one, then you can actually benefit from the tips found in the succeeding paragraphs.

Do you feel lost and want to know the secrets of getting a girl to talk to you? Do you like your tongue is tied in knots each time you have a chance to talk to a girl you like? Have you ever experienced saying your pick up line but the girl seemed intent on getting away from you? Don’t lose heart as you can still learn a lot of things regarding getting girls to talk to you. You only have to know the secrets and for sure, you can get any girl to talk back!

The first secret you need to know when you want to make a girl talk to you in an actual conversation is by being the alpha male. It is observed that women, in general, are magnetized by men who are assertive and poised, characteristics of the alpha male. Thus, to get any girl to want to talk to you, you have to be sure of yourself. How can you do this? You can do this by improving the way you conduct yourself: be confident in your gait and in your disposition and the girl will take notice.


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Getting a Girl to Talk to You

The second tip you need to know in getting a girl talk to you is this: take the first initiative. Don’t be a wallflower and wait for the girl to start the conversation; you have to make it happen. You are the man, therefore, you must be in command of the situation, not the other way around. Thus, for your first lesson, you can start with this great pick up line (and the expected answers from the girl): “I’m invisible.” (She says: “Really?”) You say: “Can you see me?” (She says: “Yes.”) You say: “How about tomorrow night?” This opener tells the girl that you are fun to be with and want things your way, a sign that you are a confident person.

Another good thing to remember when you want to get a girl to talk to you is to look your best. Admit it: girls are attracted to guys who look great and they are turned off by guys who look as if they just got up from bed. Thus, you have to exert a little effort to dress for the place and to wear fashionable clothes. You have to be deliberate in your choice of clothes as clothes are the first things that girl sees in you. Of course, your trendy clothes and your confident attitude work together to make the girl talk to you.

Yet another thing that you can try in order to get a girl to talk to you is to be cocky and funny. The whole mix is a sure way to get a girl interested enough to keep on talking with you. Let’s say you and the girl you like are in a bar; you go up to her and say: “I’m addicted to yes, and I’m allergic to no. So what’s it gonna be?” The confident yet mildly funny line could just make the girl give you a quick assessment and decide that you are worth talking to. However, just remember that the minute you get her talking, you have to keep the cocky and funny conversation alive so that you will succeed in your main objective of getting her to talk.

In a nutshell, being successful in getting a girl to talk to you is determined by several important things. Number one: you have to come across as a man in authority. Number two: you have to take the lead, not follow the girl’s lead. Number three: you have to dress fashionably and carry yourself with self-assurance. Number four: you have to be cocky yet funny. If you do all these things, you can definitely get the girl to talk to you.

The complex task of making the ladies take notice of your presence depends largely on your magnetism. By magnetism, it means the kind of personality you have that demands attention from everyone, most specially the girls. Thus, you have to improve your personality to that the girls look up the minute you enter the door. However, you have to go through great pains to develop this kind of allure before you can get it down pat. When you really want to be magnetic, you can start by being relaxed, self-assured, authoritative, and intentional in every action.

Thus, when seeking to get the girls’ attention by assuming a persona of being in authority, the first rule is to take extra efforts to look dashing and well put together. You can achieve this be wearing clothes that go with the latest fashion trends. Thus, you must always try to be ahead of the rest in choosing your wardrobe; never wait for other guys to take the lead in the fashion department. You can get useful tips regarding your get ups from fashion websites for men, magazines, blogs and other useful places to learn about the latest fashion.

Yet another helpful hint in getting girls’ attention is to have social proof. This is particularly important as social proof tells the ladies that you belong in particular circle and that you are an important part of that circle. When the ladies see you as a vital member of a group, they will see your high value. Therefore, it is important to widen your network of friends. Make friends in any place, including social networking sites over the internet.

However, the first three hints to get girls to notice you will work better if you improve your body language. Therefore, when you deliver this line: “Are you as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside?” you have to come across as a confident person who can look at a girl in the eye and not flinch. When you do stare into her eyes, make sure to smile a little. Don’t forget to pay attention to the rest of your body: walk casually with elegant not quick motions. Remember to be slow and not rushed in your movements so that your confidence will be further enhanced.

In general, getting the girls to take notice of your presence is not really easy as pie. Thus, you have to keep practicing to get it right. A few rejections won’t hurt as these will only give you more ideas on what not to do when making girls notice you. So, in order to get the ladies to see that you indeed exist you have to consciously transform yourself into a person worth noticing. Therefore, you have to be in authority, have social proof, and let your body language interpret your confidence and you can be sure that you will get the girls attention anytime.

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