Using Corny Pick up Lines For Girls

Using Corny Pick up Lines For Girls

corny pick up lines

For you guys out there, a lot of great pick up lines exist; this includes corny pick up lines for girls. Thus, you should know the difference between the great ones and the corny ones when you want to catch the attention of a particular lady. However, you should exercise caution when using corny lines as not all girls are the same: there are girls who like the cornier the pickup line is, the better; while there are those who totally dislike corny openers. In this sense, you guys have to have great babe “radar” to pick the girl you can use the corny line on.

Thus, when you do decide to use a corny pick up line to get a girl, you have to possess a particular image. You must, and I reiterate, you must emanate only confidence and authority, which is further enhanced if you have some social proof of being a valuable asset in the social scene. You have to instill in the girls’ minds that you are an integral part of the circle. One interesting yet corny line that you can use on a girl is this: “Are you a magnet… because I’m attracted to you.”


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How to Use Corny Pick up Lines On Girls

The totally cliché opener really falls under the category of corny pick up lines but it can oftentimes get you the girl if you are confident in your manner and attire. Hence, you should make a point of choosing your wardrobe carefully; choose clothes that are in with the times. You should remember that your looks are the first thing that girls notice. A look that instantly commands attention deserves a second look when you do manage to say your lines. Of course, it would help if you seem totally in command of the situation through the way you move.

It is also important to convey the image of being in control of the whole thing through your eyes. Your eyes are often considered as windows to your soul and your eyes allow other people to take a peek at who you are. So, when you use your corny (yet interesting) pick up lines, you have to possess great skills in maintaining eye contact. Some studies have shown that two people of the opposite sex who are made to look into each other’s eyes somehow increase the attraction they have for each other. You can do this and try it out for yourself but just be careful not to stare too much as the girl may get scared and run away.

Lastly, when you want to be successful in picking up a hot girl using your chosen corny pick up line, you have to be aware of what your hands are doing. Often, girls notice that guys are nervous when they talk to them just by looking at their hand gestures. Thus, when attempting to talk to a girl, never tap your fingers on the bar counter or fiddle with the buttons on your shirt (if you have any). This is a telltale sign that you are apprehensive about asking the girl to talk to you. Thus, you need to keep your hands relaxed and as cool as you are projecting yourself to be.

To sum it up, picking up a girl entails that you are ready to do it and are adequately prepared. So, in order to get the attention that you want, you have to possess a noticeable presence in the social scene, you have to dress fashionably, you have to look into the girl’s eyes, and lastly, you have to keep your hands relaxed. You will surely get the girl you want when you do all these things as you say your corny yet handy pick up lines for girls.

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