Using Funny Lines is a Great Way to Get a Girl

Using Funny Lines is a Great Way to Get a Girl

funny pick up lines

If you have been eyeing the girl by the bar for some time now and you still haven’t made a move, it’s high time you do so! How do you do this? Through side-splitting pick up lines, of course! Using funny pick up lines is one of the best ways to get a girl. In this sense, the girl of your dreams who has been sitting at the bar! So, read on and gain useful tips on how to catch your girl hook, line and sinker. Knowing the best way to catch the eye and attention of the girl you want is really important.

The first useful tip in getting a girl is to determine the pick up lines that are clearly not original and steer clear of them. Women can sense when you use a line that has been used over and over again. They can also sense when the pick up line you use is too cliché. Often, if you overdo it, women can tell when you are simply putting on an act to be funny and eventually snag a date with them. Also, if your pick up lines sound too formulaic, women who have been in the bar scene can tell right away that you are a phony. This is not the way you want it to be.


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Funny Lines is a Great Way to Get a Girl

funny pick up lines

The second useful step included in the top ways to get a girl is by exuding confidence. Stammering or sounding automatic in talking to the girl at the bar sends the wrong idea. Instead of seeing you as a wolf ready for the kill, she might see you as a lamb ready to be pounced on by the wolf. Also, when you don’t convey confidence or bravado in your pick up lines, the girl will feel like you don’t mean it and just memorized a set of lines just to make her say yes. Thus, be confident, funny, and easy-going when you chat with the girl.

On the different ways to get a girl, the third step you need to take is to make the conversation move. Don’t let the conversation stagnate. Don’t let it be a “question and answer” conversation, either. On the other hand, don’t let it be a one-sided conversation. Girls get turned on by guys who can keep them amused and entertained. You have to consider commenting on a piece of her attire or her dress. Doing so will get her interested enough to carry on a conversation with you.

The most important method in the different effective ways to get a girl is to attract the girl through your wit. More often than not, women are attracted to great conversationalists. No, it doesn’t mean that you have to be well versed in almost any subject. Being a great conversationalist involves slight teasing, some flirting, and a whole lot of fun exchanges with words to get a girl to accept your invitation for a drink or two. This might involve you having a friendly and flirtatious banter with the girl to make her want to spend the entire time with you.

The different ways to get at girl can be successful if you know how to deliver. How do you make sure that you do? Practice, of course, makes perfect. You will not become an expert in getting the girl interested in you without any effort on your part. On the other hand, if you do not take some time to master the delivery of the funny pick up lines, you will definitely end up on the losing end. You will get snubbed over and over again. You wouldn’t want this, would you?

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