Using The Right Openers To Pick Up Girls

Using The Right Openers To Pick Up Girls

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Friday night is usually a night to go out with friends and it is also a time for seeing the girls and maybe finding one you might be interested in. How, then, can you ensure that the girl you see will also be interested in your? Well, you can do this by your confident attitude and fashionable attire; but you can get a better chance of catching her eye if you use handy openers for picking up girls. If you know the openers to use on the ladies, you can bet that they will notice you out of the many guys in the place. Thus, use the tips in this article to wow the ladies and get them talking to you all night long!

In your attempt to use great pick up lines to get girls, you should know that it is not necessary to say something that will literally blow them away. In truth, effective openers can be simple lines that will arouse interest in the girl, thus making her want to talk to you. This is perfecto get a conversation started with the girl who caught your eye. Openers that you may use to pick up girls are plenty but, if you want to be safe, you can choose openers that won’t scare the girl and make her clam up. In this sense, let is discuss neutral openers.


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Openers To Use When You Meet Girls

Neutral openers are effective lines to use when picking up girls. Because these lines do not express any romantic or sexual nuances, you can make a girl feel at ease and make her talk to you. This is already an ace up your sleeve but be sure to choose your opening line so that it is interesting enough for the lady. Also, make sure that it reflects your personality so that the girl will get a glimpse of who you are. When you allow a girl to feel comfortable with you, she might want to keep the conversation alive and you end up with a nice time talking to the girl.

One of the top openers for picking up girls requires you to pose a question to the girl. You can start by telling the girl and her friends that they look like they are good in giving out helpful information. Proceed by asking this: “What is the length of time that a girl and a guy must go out as a couple before making changes in the Facebook status?” This will make her stop; then proceed by telling her that your friend has been going out with a guy for about one month but the guy’s Facebook status still yells “single!” This will definitely make the girl consider your question and give her opinion.

Another one of the handy openers for picking up girls you can try also comes in question form. As a prelude to your question, give the girl you are interested in with a general idea of the situation: Tell the girl that your best friend’s girlfriend wanted to kiss you last night but you felt so weird about it. Also, tell her that you will be meeting up with your best friend later on and don’t know how you should act around him. Then ask: “Should I let my best friend know about last night or not? If I were you, what would you do?”

The neutral openers are great if you are new to the dating game. You get to catch the eye of the lady you like without unnecessarily scaring her away. Thus, you get to engage her in a conversation that could lead to you getting to know the girl some more. However, you must remember to deliver the lines in a casual way that does not seem needy or desperate for a date. On the other hand, you must not also send the message that you instantly thought up the openers for picking up girls only to score with the ladies.

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