What To Say To Girls – Knowing What Girls Want To Hear

What To Say To Girls – Knowing What Girls Want To Hear

what to say to girls

Knowing what to say to girls you want to talk to can be a bit of a challenge for most men. In my experience, there really is no magic line that makes girls weak in the knees when they hear it. There however is a way for girls to respond to you by means of conversation.

Know What to Say to Girls You Like

1.    Establish a high social value.

Studies have revealed that women tend to respond to men which emits power. Don’t worry about what to say to girls at this time. What you should do is concentrate on establishing your presence. You can do this by:

a. Saying hello to people that you know once you enter a club

b.    Make sure that your group is having fun

c. Interact with people within the club

Girls would see that you’re a social person and you’re a part of the “in” crowd. Doing so makes penetrating her circle much easier.

Once you’ve done some quality socializing, it’s time to approach the girl you’ve been eyeing and here are some key points to keep in mind:

2.    Avoid close-ended questions such as:

–    “Can I buy you a drink?”

–    “Are you alone?”

Initially, asking a yes or no question is a big no no. These questions are dead-ends since they don’t encourage girls to share anything about themselves. Using such an approach is like saying to a girl “I want to get inside your pants” even before saying hi. Your lack of creativity could easily earn you a ticket to doomland.

3.    Let Her Talk

The more you can make a girl start talking about herself, the better. The Mack Tactics eBook will teach you a couple of methods on how to converse with a girl. Drop neutral openers. You can choose to comment something about her, ask her opinion regarding something, or just make her respond to a query. The key element for this opener is “reason”. Include your reason by injecting the word “because”. For example:

“That dress really looks good on you. I wonder if you can tell me where I can buy my friend something like that for a present because it’s her birthday on Sunday.”

Or you can:

“Hey nice book! Was told its a good read. What’s it about?

Trivial questions are the most effective openers, example:

“Excuse me, but I need a female’s take on this. My best friend’s girlfriend cheated on him because she found out that he cheated on her. If you were in my position, what would you tell your friend? I’m stumped.”

Second are flirt openers. These are quite simple lines but you have to have the confidence for you to do this. For example:

“I just had to say Hi because you really look awesome tonight”

Aside from knowing what to say to girls, also keep in mind the following:

a.    Always give her a hint that you’re not staying too long and be true to your words.

b. Never say sorry for trying to start a conversation with her. Remember, men of high social value never apologize for talking to a girl. if you do so, it might be seen as a sign of weakness which might lead to you being ditched.

Striking a conversation with girls is easy as long as you understand how they think and the right approach. A successful hook up only comes with you establishing a good rapport and knowing what to say and when to say it.

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