Why Men Persist To Use Pick Up Lines To Get Women

Are you trying to use pick up lines to get women? Call pick up lines corny, scruffy or unwanted, but as long there are men and women to catch their attention, men will persist in using lines to pick up women. You may ask yourself – why do they do it? The answer is quite simple – women expect them and appreciate them.

The pick up game starts with that very first eye contact, followed by the approach. The way a man moves in to meet a woman can not tell her enough about who and what he is, but the moment he delivers his pick up line, the girl in his view gets all the information she needs to decide on her next actions.

Some guys have discovered the luring powers of humor and thus deliver funny pick up lines in an attempt to show the woman he has a great sense of humor. Getting her to laugh is a flirting key, so some lines are really funny.

Others choose to flatter his muse by using lines which emphasize some or other aspect of her body. From this the lady learns that her suitors have been watching her for a while and actually has noticed the new lipstick she is trying out for the first time.

Serious guys use serious pick up lines that usually start with the phrase – this is not a pick up line, but….. Women are supposed to feel comfortable as the man shows he has no bad intentions when using this style of approach. What guys do not realize is that the girl merely sits back and waits for the real pick up line that is bound to follow at some stage.

With the night winding down and the women getting fewer, pick up lines get a bit more to the point. Direct approaches can be very effective at this time of night as men scramble to find a partner.

Be warned gentlemen, should you be in it for a simple yes or no, you might just get that. Take your leave immediately when rejected as no other line will get you any closer. Sometimes, you can use pick up lines to get women. But sometimes you can’t.

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